Our Story

Hi, I’m Tony, & together with my wife Vika we are the founders of Fox & Badger International.

What is Fox & Badger you may ask… Well there’s two ways to answer that. The simplest way is


The longer way is our story. It came to being from the many challenges in our lives over the last few years and how we worked to solve them.

Vika is my rock, such an amazing person, I love her to bits. A wonderful personality with a style and design flair that is truly unique, think Carrie Bradshaw and you will be on the right lines but add a twist, why have something straight of the shelf if it can be made unique by adding flowers, butterflies and gems.

She doesn’t have it easy though, in recent years, having had to give up work to be the primary care giver for two family members is truly a relentless task. On top of that, Grandma being diagnosed with breast cancer meant our priorities changed.

Add to that I was often travelling, as a Specialist Medical Engineer, over the last 20+ years I have literally travelled to hospitals almost ½ way around the world. Very satisfying knowing that the work I was doing helped so many people but at the same time It makes life at home that bit harder. With me based in the UK and Vika looking after Mum & Grandma in Ukraine, time together is very precious. Somehow we needed to regain some freedom and flexibility in our lives.

So, after many days of brain storming, and a few cocktails at a rooftop bar in Kiev we started to piece together our thoughts. We knew we needed freedom and flexibility, something that would allow us to regain our life and something that we could manage from anywhere. We haven’t had a true holiday these last few years so to think that can be possible in future is just amazing. We wanted to bring together all the things we had learnt over the last few years, the products we found that worked and the ways just to make life that bit easier.

We do enjoy our food, we try to keep it healthy as much as possible, as such, much of what we eat is organic, we try to avoid anything highly processed as much as we can. I guess kind of a mix between Paleo and Keto.

Another of our passions is caring for the environment so we made a conscious decision we would be a  carbon positive company from the outset. We wanted to be different and to make a difference in the world. I thought this was going to be a difficult task however I came across a company Oblong Trees that had already gone through the same ideas. Their solution was to create their own service planting trees worldwide to offset their carbon footprint. We decided this was exactly what we were looking for and made the commitment by joining their 10 year plan.

Finally, we wanted to spread some happiness, again to make a difference but to give help where it could have a larger impact. In the UK alone more than half of all registered charities try and survive on less than £10k per annum. That doesn’t go very far. So it’s one of our core values to donate 10% of our net profits to charity or other worthy worldwide causes.

Putting everything together, all our challenges, the things we have learnt and everything we want to accomplish consolidated down to three main areas.

Health, Wealth & Happiness.

Now we need to have something that stands for all that we are and be a unique symbol. We needed a brand & a name. Again, after many, many days and hundreds of ideas one word stood out, and that was from Vika’s email address “Kitsune” Japanese for Fox. Not totally sure how we got to Badger, but maybe it had  something to do with Vika’s dress she was wearing at the time, but once it was there it had a nice feel to it. The “International” just works on different levels, from where we are based, UK & UA, to making a difference helping charities and the environment worldwide.

On Our Home page and through our site you may recognise many links to well known companies and services. We have partnered with these companies and as such receive a small commission. This helps us to plant more trees and give to worthy causes without any extra cost to you.

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